Hour-Long Drama

Columbia Pilot:

A dramatic rendition of early America, intersecting the storylines of America's Founding Fathers and Mothers. Follow George Washington as he bares guilt for past mistakes, John Adams as he creates new enemies while defending old ones, and Alexander Hamilton as he struggles in adolescents, attempting to escape the life he lives. As their lives converge, their decisions alter the livelihood of a new country and effect the thoughts and actions of future generations. Their legacy leaves a portrait of America, but many of their actions create a stain on history.

Short Script


Starving Art:

Jacques is a struggling French artist trying to rediscover his passion for making art. He travels through different realms of universes in his dreaming mind facing his fears, while rediscovering his love for beauty. 



When a new manager is hired for a government-controlled facility meant to study, rehabilitate, and introduce creatures of urban lore into society, employees and subjects must convince him of their importance.

Cryptics, a web-series that takes the mockumentary style of The Office and combines it with the folklore and horror stories of the world, comes from the collaborative writing of Matthew Fee, Molly Schafer, and Zoe Pusateri .


The Wilting Effect:

When Rose visits her sister, Violet, for the first time in years, she struggles with past tragedies as Violet tries to help Rose move on. Will Rose be able to get through her past misery, or continue to wilt away.

Spec. Script

Brooklyn Nine-Nine "The Hotdog":

After Jake is shot in the leg, he has to battle Holt's command, Amy's confidence, and his own pain medication to catch the criminal that shot him. This time, it's personal. 


Commercial Script

Just Right

A mock script for Regal Cinema and the Coca-Cola Company.